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Need to plan a party, festival, meeting, wedding or fundraiser but haven't got the time or energy? Let High Spirits Event Planning help you with as much of the preparation and production as you wish. We offer full event coordination service from start to finish as well as consultation.

High Spirits has Green Business Certification issued by the Bay Area Green Business Program. This means we follow strict guidelines regarding energy consumption, waste, pollution, water usage and we'll ensure your event is friendly to the environment. High Spirits events promote a way of entertaining, living and doing business that is light on the planet.

High Spirits is ready to create successful and memorable events for all our customers, whether they be private individuals, businesses or non-profit groups. We're based in El Cerrito serving the East Bay and San Francisco. High Spirits is a member of the Sustainable Business Alliance and the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce.

We've got the creativity, passion and experience to make your event a great success and you'll be able to enjoy it stress-free. Please call or email for more information.

About Us

At the tender age of 9, Lisa Martinengo began her event planning career, finding costumes and props, enlisting her sister to put on skits and singing shows for adoring parents. Many years later, after a few detours she's returned to doing what she does best; planning memorable events and parties.

High Spirits began life in the mid 90's, when Lisa decided to put more time, money and energy where her passion was, namely, creating fun and beautiful events. For four years, while also working in the travel industry, she and a friend worked with individuals, schools and non-profit groups to plan weddings, birthday celebrations, fund-raising auctions and a patron appreciation dinner.

In 2001, after an exciting vacation in Italy, she quit work, sublet her home and moved to Venice to fully explore her Italian culture and language. Being surrounded by the tradition of Venetian Carnevale, with its historic parades and pageants, colorful regattas, fantastic costumed revelers stumbling through the narrow passages, candle-lit palazzos where eleborate masks allowed different identities to be yours for the night...led to a re-awakening of Lisa's creative,social and artistic passions.

Upon returning to the Bay Area, after 8 years in Europe, she re-focused her energies and officially re-launched High Spirits Event Planning last year.


High Spirits provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers including but not limited to:

  • event concept and theme design
  • program development
  • consultation and research
  • providing menu and catering options
  • location selection
  • logistics and supplier coordination
  • day of event on-site coordination
  • advising and implementing eco-friendly practices
  • publicity and promotion development


  • Product launches
  • Employee appreciation dinners
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Annual meetings


  • Appreciation dinners for donors/patrons
  • Fundraisers (silent auctions, dinners, runs,walks)
  • Promotional events
  • Festivals, fairs


  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Special events



I added a little something for all the work you REALLY did.

Thanks forever

Hope you're well.

I'll talk to you soon.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our event successful and beautiful. Everyone has been praising the warmth and welcome atmosphere in the room - especially the lighting which was your special touch. You have good enery and positive attitude, warmth, generosity and excellent taste.

Dear Lisa,
how do we thank you for creating the most joyful, colorful, imaginative day of our lives? Thank you! Mille grazie! Your friendship, your thoughtfulness are so important to us.
Thank you for all your hard work and the lovely decorations! And for making my 50th party happen!
We don't know how we could possibly have done this without you. It's not that you did so much, but that you did it so very well. This is just a small token of thanks with appreciation and friendship.
Dear Lisa,
I'm so glad you were instrumental in putting my birthday celebration together! It was so special to walk into the room and see all the roses in those pots- it was perfect! Thank you for all your hard work. The food was great and everyone enjoyed themselves in the special atmosphere you helped create!
Dear Lisa,
marvelous splendid party. Thank you for planning a wonderful event. I haven't been to a party in ages and this one was really great! Especially the music and the space to dance next to the dinner table. Where did the ginger biscuits come from? Yum.
Dear Lisa,
It was a lovely celebration. I'm so glad I could come and be a part of it. You did a great job of getting it all together. Thanks! I had fun.


Add the magic and merriment of stiltwalking to your event with the help of High Spirits! When greeted by a waving 8ft tall costumed figure, guests can't help but get into a good mood.

We love to:

  • meet and greet guests at entrance
  • stroll and interact at event
  • dance with music
  • pose for photos
  • act as announcers, etc
  • interact with children
  • and much more....

With a large costume bank at our disposal, we're able to transform into whoever or whatever you wish! One ground crew person is included for safety and facilitating. Hourly rates depend on distance and length and type of engagement, starting at $50.00 per hour.

The ancient skill of walking on stilts has always been a favorite part of High Spirits. In fact, the company name came about when Lisa was asked to stiltwalk in the Piedmont Avenue Halloween Parade and needed a performance name. Being 8ft tall has a way of making you and the spectators forget about their cares and worries for a while....it's time for HIGH SPIRITS! From the mid 90's on, Lisa has walked tall for many parades, parties and corporate functions, as High Spirits, or part of Women Walking Tall Troupe.



or mail to: info@highspiritseventplanning.com

our phone: (510) 778-5883